"ROSS COMMERCE" DOO - Bački Jarak, was founded in 22.04.1992.godine, with a few employees mostly operating in the activity of cooling and ventilation equipment.


Today  "ROSS COMMERCE" DOO is the company that has 21 employees and dealing with a whole range of diverse activities:

- Creating a concrete-steel structures

- Make aluminum and PVC doors and windows

- The production and service of refrigeration equipment (cabinets, cupboards, air-conditioning,termoking, trailers) and cooling doors

- Development of the slaughter equipment (lines for slaughter, the treatment line carcasses oxen and sheep, lines for final processing, etc.).

- The production and sale of meat

- Consulting and management


"ROSS COMMERCE" DOO has a small but strong team of employees who desire to quality of services and work carried out activities to fully meet the high demands of the market of services and clients that use these services. The employees are making great efforts to continuous improvement of the organization of work and maximum efficiency from achieving the goals.


Director and founder of Ostoja Stojicic