Basic information about registration and the name of the company:
The company established 22.04.1992.godine.
Address: Veljka Vlahovića 64, Bački Jarak
Founder: Married couple Rosa and Ostoja Stojicic
Preliminary name: "ROSS COMMERCE" derived from the names of immediate family
(Rosa, Ostoja, Stanislav, Snežana = ROSS)

At the beggining:
On the basis of experience and professional qualifications of the founders, the company is engaged in the production and service commercial refrigeration equipment. Strategic buyers of our products are metal industry and food retail chains.
Further developments:
At a time of hyperinflation and severe conditions of collection, the most common form of payment is through our customers goods, that is usually meat. Forced solution for the placement of the expansion of activities and the opening of the retail store network of meat and meat products, followed by its own meat processing enterprises as R.J. meat processing retail sales. In 1996, due to the difficult working conditions and unfair competition in the market of commercial refrigeration equipment, the company is being transformed in the manufacture of industrial refrigeration equipment and drives for primary production in the meat industry.
The company is definitively defines the technical-technological equipment to support expands premises, and diverted to the mass production of components and assemblies for quick installation of equipment in slaughterhouses and prefabricated buildings steel thermo-panel.
The company is reorganized on the fly from the PP to DOO puts organization with 4 regional units
1. Production of industrial equipment and facilities with the implementation of new technologies,
and in particular for Prohron.
2. Consulting for the design, construction and research with export import.
3. Meat
4. Retail meat products
5. Supporting mutual support.